Team Workouts/Cage Rentals

CGI offers four 80’ batting cages fully stocked with L-Screens and Pitching Mounds. Rent one cage for yourself, or we’ll take down the nets and you have up to all four for your team workout. The full 5,200 sq. foot infield is perfect for your team practice! Turf field also available for Strength and Conditioning training! Don’t miss out…cages are being rented fast!


Do you wish you had more time to work-out with your team as a collective unit? Do you wish that you would have professional baseball coaches leading your team in the off-season? Do you hope you can find a training facility that could be your home all year round? If you answered YES to any or all of those questions then look no further as you have found your home. CGI is known for their instruction and the level of commitment that is given to each lesson and each player. We are now able to take that one step further and bring that in to a team format.


CGI has many different team work-out options that we can discuss and customize to your team's needs. CGI will not throw just anyone to work with your team. We look to set a schedule and have your team not only work with professional instructors that have played pro ball, D1 ball and coach some of the elite long island baseball programs but work with the same instructors each week. Your team will be taught by our professional: hitting, pitching, defense and speed and agility instructors.


In addition our speed and agility section of our team workout is unique to CGI. Having Joseph Giangrasso who is a certified CSCS and has experience in working with current professional players (Players in Nationals, Tigers, Mets organization and more) and he helps us set our team workouts apart.


Teams are beginning to book now, for the late Fall and Winter training season. Do not hesitate to begin booking a spot, as the peak times are already coming off the board. For the cost of less than a half hour cage rental (Individual player per night) the instruction, consistency, discipline and skill-set will take each player and each team to the level that you hoped it would be.


EMAIL us right away at for any questions and booking.




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